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Triathlon Coach

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AdventRunning 2014 we first wanted to be anonymous running robots. We would have been like Daft Punk with custom sneakers shoes. Cool or what? But we’ve decided to just say how it is: The two of us love running and, like every year, we want to stay fit over winter and challenge ourselves and others to do things differently.

In 2015 it was all bolder and bigger and here we are in our third year, sharing AdventRunning 2016. It is important to us that people know that we are still just two runners passionate about running and doing this for fun. Running for miles, running for smiles. Hoping to inspire others to get out and run during December. Not much has changed, or has it?


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If you have a service or product that you feel would benefit from being involved with AdventRunning then please drop us a line at 25days@adventrunning.com

Our Parner: Trunnersworld, ROokbrand Clothing

25 runs in 25 days

We love to run. We also love the end of year festivities; mulled wine, mince pies, work parties, good will to all mankind (and womankind, natch) and all that jazz. But as days get shorter and our lives get busier, running often takes a back seat.

Not this year! Advent Running is a free and simple run challenge that aims to keep people running throughout the month of December. The aim is to run (or swim, cycle, do yoga – it doesn’t matter as long as you are getting active) for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, each day, between the 1st and the 25th of December. After that you can carry on for the rest of the month, or take a break with the knowledge that you’ll be able to start the New Year in fighting form and ready to smash out some new PBs.

To keep you motivated throughout the challenge join the busy hive of global AdventRunners who will be sharing their day’s run on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Follow the action on our social media channels. We’ll also be hosting daily London based runs and you can also check our our AR global hubs, their might already be a running community set up near you.


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