GUEST BLOGGER – What’s the point of running around in circles?!

Written by Lucy Hoare |


To tell you what AdventRunning means to me I could tell you about the 25 days I ran in a row last December. Or I could list the half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons I have completed since then. But ultimately AdventRunning isn’t about that.

I have made so many lovely lovely friends through AdventRunning it has made the world of difference to my running and wider life.  All of the running I have done since has been alongside other Advent runners. Or, on my own because AdventRunning made me believe that I can and made it a whole lot less scary and made me a whole lot more prepared.
“AdventRunning made be believe I can.”
It was these people who kept me running way past the 25th of December with events, running at our local track and Sunday long runs. They don’t even mind that much when I throw tantrums at track (really what is the point of running round in circles?!).
I have ended up travelling all over the UK in the sun (and unfortunately the rain) with fellow Advent runners for races. As well as having spent an amazing week in Chamonix supporting AR founders Claudi and James at UTMB. I have been dreaming about getting back to the mountains ever since.
Clearly I am biased and can’t recommend the benefits of AdventRunning enough! Whether you want to build up a base layer of fitness, kick start your training or just an excuse to eat more mince pies; get running and meet some great like minded folk in your local area.
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