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I discovered AdventRunning from the start. The #runforsprouts I spotted on Twitter intrigued me. Not because I like sprouts but because I LOVE running. At the time I was already doing my own runstreak but followed along to see what it was all about. Fast forward to this year and I’ve had the pleasure to meet a fantastic group of people as well as chatting to many more online. AdventRunning is an incredibly supportive community of people all with the shared passion of their love for running. Whether it’s a 5k race of competing in the UTMB, everyone has their own unique story, all of which they’re able to share through the group.

“I finally made it down to a couple of AR events.”

It’s not just the online/ in person support either. It’s the sessions and runs lead by the awesome founders Claudi and James – who’s passion for running knows no ends! On a recent trip to London, after months of chatting, I finally made it down to a couple of AR events. Firstly the beigelrun on a Friday morning. A perfect start to the day. A great chance to run, meet amazing and devour a bagel –all before heading off for the day. The other was their Tuesday night track sessions. The motivation and teamwork here was fantastic and I left feeling very motivated and with slightly sore legs! I’m gutted I wasn’t able to make it to more sessions before I headed back home to Cornwall. In those two short runs I met some great people of all abilities each on their own run journeys.

Although this December I won’t be running everyday, I will be moving everyday and involving myself with the AR celebrations. I  can’t wait to share my December adventures as well as seeing other peoples journey as well.

Thank you Claudi & James for being awesome and setting up an ace community, I can’t wait to see where it grows from here!


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