NEWS: The birth of AdventRunning

Written by James |

I can’t exactly recall the first year that I started doing AdventRunning. I can say with some certainty that it was more than a few years ago. The idea came about on a cold, dark, late November evening. I was mulling over the year’s race results. Putting in plans and objectives and doing what most runners do during the off season; working out what they needed to do to find those minutes and seconds to get the following year’s PBs. And that’s when the realisation hit me. I had signed up to an ultra marathon. In January, no less.

With only six weeks to go, I needed to get miles in. Pronto. The problem was that the Christmas season was nearly upon me and with work and personal commitments I would be time poor. I needed to commit to something radical and doing some sort of run every day was the only option. From then on I did AdventRunning every year, early season race or no race.

Roll forward to 2014 and here we (Claudia and I) are. Putting the final touches to our website, organising events and frantically contacting possible sponsors. It’s come along way. We’ve been given some great advice over the last few weeks. The concept has been simplified and, so far, we’ve been blown away by the response to the challenge.

We can’t wait to get running. Why not join us. What have you got to lose?

Claudia Schroegel

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