2014 – The AdventRunning launch party


We love running. We love parties. So we kicked off the start of AdventRunning with a run and a party on the same night! Not quite sure what to expect and if anyone would actually come. Within hours of publishing the event on our Facebook group we knew.

Dozens of people wanted to join the challenge and run with us. After a few days we had to cap the event at 100 people, exceeding expectations and bookings.

We met up with those 100 curious souls at Broadway Market on Monday DEC1 at 7pm. Faces glowing from the cold, lots of chatting and people already making plans in how they can see this challenge through.

After a short welcome and introduction we set off in groups, each led by two run leaders – our run Advocates or running elves. We ran to a secret location in East London and back to the pub for some mulled wine and mince pies (or maybe just beer)

This was only a glimpse of what the next 24days had in store for everyone.

#runformulledwine #runforpies #runforbeer and make new friends

launch_7 launch_8launch_6 launch_5 launch_4 launch_3 launch_2 launch_1

Pictures by Ash Narod