GUEST BLOGGER – I’m never going back to running alone

Written by Emma Sherwood |

1 year ago I remember reading about the growing AdventRunning collective and thinking “nice idea, but you’ll never catch me running with other people”. An avowed running loner, I firmly believed running was something to do by one’s self, with perhaps a podcast for company. A year later, I feel like I’ve discovered a new world, and family. James, Claudi, and so many wonderful AR collectivists (?!) have welcomed me with opening arms, and – cheesily but truthfully – enriched my life.

“Simply being overwhelmed by the support given”

Whether it’s soaking up training tips from Kenyan (and home-grown) running legends while watching the sun rise on our weekly beigel runs, laughing and jumping 35 hot and hilarious miles during our inaugural AR Thames Bridges Ultra, or simply being overwhelmed by the support given and received in the many races and events we’ve all enjoyed this year, I’ve learnt that a mile shared is a mile of joy, fun and photo opportunities. I’m never going back to running alone.

Claudia Schroegel

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