GUEST BLOGGER – Why I’m doing AdventRunning and why I dragged Prague into it

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December 2014

Me: living in Berlin Germany.

Read about AdventRunning on Guardian running blog, got super excited, ran for 25 days in a row and was (secretly) feeling sorry for myself that I’m missing out on all the fun group runs in London.

In summer 2014 I ran my first half marathon and when I finished I signed up for my first marathon. In fact, I signed up for two marathons, two weeks after each other. Slightly crazy, I know.

Was I sure that I can do it? Nope.

And then I joined AdventRunning and ran for 25 days in a row and learned that:

It is true when “they” say that when you can’t go any further, you still have 40% left! I had days when my legs were really hurting but as soon as I went for a run they were fine and I even ran my 5k PB in these crazy 25 in a row running days.

I can really achieve whatever I set my mind to! AdventRunning taught me that when I “stick” to something and don’t give up when it gets a bit hard or when I’m loosing patience I can achieve whatever I set to achieve.

So in March 2015 I ran two half marathons in two days in two countries. One in Prague and one in Berlin and I had loads of FUN.

And in September 2015 I ran my two marathons: Medoc Marathon followed by Berlin Marathon and I LOVED every minute of it.

December 2015 – NOW

Me:  living in Prague, Czech Republic.

Decided that I don’t want to feel sorry for missing out on the fun group runs and that living in Prague is not going to stop me. So, Prague is AdventRunning too and I am organizing group runs here. Hurray!

Just now I signed up to run 50k trail Race to the Stones next summer and right now I’m still not sure that I can do it but I know that after AdventRunning 2015 I will be 100% convinced that I can!

Bring it on!

And… if you are in Prague… join me for a run!

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